Birmingham-based landscape design and construction.


Birmingham-based landscape design and construction services.

About Us

Urban Gardener is an independent, Birmingham-based landscape design and construction service. We combine innovative construction techniques, expert plant knowledge and high-quality workmanship to ensure your green spaces maximise both space and functionality.

Covering all aspects of garden design and construction, we specialise in living walls, balconies and indoor-outdoor gardens, we are a single-point landscape design and construction service.

Get in touch to discuss how we can help bring your project to life.

Our Projects

The projects we’ve completed to date have ranged in style, each one a unique expression of a clients’ ideas, preferences and requirements. 

Although Urban Gardener has established its own style, we realise the importance of respecting our clients’ visions and working with them to bring their gardens to life, using practicable and cost-effective design and construction methods.


To best understand your project, we perform an initial consultation and site survey. During this stage, we also establish the dimensions, levels and contours of the space, as well as building locations, existing features and trees.


Here we provide you with outline designs that include scaled layout plans, style boards and visuals. Once satisfied, detail deigns are made and can include a master plan, setting-out plans, elevation drawings, construction drawings and planting schemes.


We provide a specification document outlining all materials to be used. Along with the detail designs, these ensure that you can be confident we will build exactly what that you’re expecting.

Our Core Services

By taking on a landscape project, from conception through to completion, Urban Gardener carefully manages every stage of the process, including: client consultation, site survey, outline & detail design, planting scheme, project costing, and construction, ensuring we always meet your expectations.